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Zazoos Domains


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  • $35 per year
  • $19.99 per year
  • $15 per year

Need More Bandwidth (Data Transfer) or Disk Space?

As the needs of your website increase you can add on more disk space (storage for information and images) or data transfer anytime. We recommend NOT waiting until your account's service has been interrupted by exceeding it's bandwidth (
Data Transfer), as it may take up to 12 hours after processing your order to have the site re-enabled. Bandwidth Usage resets back to zero at the start of each month. Any payments made will only count for the current calendar month, not a full 30 days.

Here you can increase your hosting account from your current plan to accommodate your increased needs. The plans are described below and are paid on a subscription (re-occurring billing) basis via PayPal.

Your Hosting Includes:

  • 500 megs of disc space
  • 10,000 megs of data transfer
  • Unlimited Email Forwarders
  • Create up to 150 POP Email Accounts
  • Cpanel
  • Webalizer / Awstats (Visitor statistics software)

These upgrades automatically renew each month.
You can cancel anytime, however
the date you cancel is the date your account will be downgraded.

It is your responsibility to cancel any payments made for any of the below services
when they are no longer needed. By subscribing to any of the below services you acknowledge these payments will not be canceled at any time  by anyone other than youself.

Available Upgrade Packages

Disc Space

Megs Disc Space

$4.95 per month




Megs Data-transfer

$4.95 per month



How much additional bandwidth or disc storage will your payment give you? Please see the chart below for details. Please note: Bandwidth and Disc Storage upgrades must be made separately.


All upgrade packages are $4.95 per month.

How much additional bandwidth or disc storage will your payment give you? Please see the chart below for details.



Bandwidth Added

Bandwidth Total

Disc Storage Added

Disc Storage Total

1st 5,000 megs 15,000 megs 500 megs 1000 megs
2nd 5,000 megs 20,000 megs 500 megs 1500 megs
3rd 5,000 megs 25,000 megs 500 megs 2000 megs
4th 10,000 megs 35,000 megs 500 megs 2500 megs
5th 10,000 megs 45,000 megs 500 megs 3000 megs
6th 10,000 megs 55,000 megs 500 megs 3500 megs
7th 15,000 megs 70,000 megs 500 megs 4000 megs
8th 15,000 megs 85,000 megs 500 megs 4500 megs
9th 15,000 megs 100,000 megs 500 megs 5000 megs
10th 20,000 megs 120,000 megs 500 megs 5500 megs

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